Cotton Wick vs Wood-Wick

We attend many local events in Austin TX and we have customers that love our wood-wick candles and then we have those customers that have never seen a wood-wick candle before.  We get the good old what is the difference between a regular wick (cotton wick) and a wood-wick question quite often .

Our company decided to use wood-wicks because we were looking for a healthier candle all around. Wood-wicks seemed to be the right choice for us because they are just a simple piece of wood soaked in all-natural soy wax and of course, you get that added crackle effect when the candle is burning which all of our customers seem to love! On top of that, a wood-wick seems to burn so much slower than a cotton wick giving you almost double the burn time in the wood-wick candle.

When I first started the company I used cotton wicks but I just wasn't satisfied using them. Most cotton wicks are soaked in paraffin wax which is really bad for your health if inhaled. Nowadays you can find cotton wicks that have not been soaked in any liquid or soaked in a healthier liquid, some research will be required to find the right wholesaler. Before I even sold any candles I had to first test all of my batches to make sure the candles were burning correctly, I shortly realized I did not want to use a cotton wick and wanted to see what else was out there. I did my reasearch and found that wood-wicks existed! Great moment for me! I quickly started making my small tester candles and realized that on top of the longer burn time the wood-wick actually produced a better scent throw than the cotton wick! Every time I relit the candle I got the same amount of scent throw as when I lit the candle for the first time!

So there you go, my version of wood-wick vs cotton wicks.I am very satisfied using the wood-wick and although I do get my older customers stopping by for a smell and ask where the cotton wick candles are I still prefer the wood-wick. And shortly after they to love the wood-wick!

I hope my blog helped with any wood-wick vs cotton wick questions! 



  • Don’t Use Wooden Wicks They are a Scam.

  • Jane,

    This could be related to the type of wax, wood wicks aren’t compatible with all waxes. Also, it could be related to the size of the container & wick and if the wick is to long.

  • Hiya, I have recently made some candles using wooden wicks, they don’t seem to be staying alight! Any ideas?
    Many thanks,

    Jane russell
  • I was wondering the difference so thank you for posting this. Very informative.


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