How to Eliminate Air Bubbles From Your Glass Container Candles

       Are you having trouble getting the air bubbles to stop appearing in your candles? The look of your candles can definitely affect your price point and quality if you decided to sell them. When I first started making candles this was one of the biggest problems I had to deal with so here are a few tricks I picked up from making candles for several years.

 The single best way to avoid getting air bubbles in your glass jar candles is to make sure to pre-heat your glass jars to about 160 degrees before pouring your candle wax into them. This of course is difficult to measure, but setting your glass jars in an oven that's heated to about that temperature for 5 minutes should do the trick or you can use a heat gun to warm your glass.
I recommend to Never pour hot candle wax into cold glass jars! With my experience in making candles, doing this will cause your candles to frost and will certainly cause air bubbles on the sides and bottoms of your candle jars. If you are pouring your wax into cold containers then this is probably the reason you have air bubbles. If you pour hot wax into a cold container the wax will immediately start the cooling process and that is not what you want. Candles are supposed to cool slow, the slower the cooling the better the candle will handle the fragrance throw.
Once your candle has been poured, don't move it! Shaking the wax as it dries could result in air bubbles that you might not see, such as ones in the center of the wax. What will happen is that the wax would not burn well when the candle is lit, and if you're selling candles professionally, lengthy, even burns are a huge indicator of a well-made candle. Here are some guidelines to follow for making great candles. Best of luck!
  • Use well-made, heavy glass jars.
  • Clean your glass jars before using them for candles! Nothing is worse than getting residue and "things" in your candle wax.
  • Always heat your glass jars before pouring candle wax
  • Glue or stick your wick to the bottom of your glass candle jar with a wick sticker. This will prevent the wick from moving around while you are pouring the wax and when you burn the candle the wick will stay in place for an even burn.

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