What is a WoodWick Candle?

WoodWick candles are traditionally made from a blend or pure soy wax with a piece of wood as the wick instead of a cotton string wick used in standard candles. WoodWick candles produce a much cleaner, longer lasting burn than cotton wick paraffin wax candles and are virtually smoke free under normal burning conditions.

WoodWick candles also crackle as they burn providing a little ambiance like a fireplace producing a beautiful effect & mood. As such, it takes a little more care to light a woodwick candle than a traditional cotton wick candle. When lighting the wood-wick each and every time, make sure to hold the flame low on the wick for roughly 20-30 seconds to ensure the wick will stay lit and burn accordingly. 

Once you try woodwick candles, we're sure you'll be hooked just like us!

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