Soy Candle Safety Guidelines

- James Thomas Candle Co

Thank you for choosing James Thomas Candle Co Company for your soy candle and wax melt needs. Our luxury handcrafted 100% all natural eco-friendly soy wax with wood-wicks candles are a renewable, biodegradable resource. Please follow these helpful hints to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment of your all natural eco-friendly clean burning soy candle. Learn more about lighting & burning your soy candles with wood-wicks by reading our soy candle burning instructions page.

Our container candles are designed to burn 1 hour per inch in diameter. Approximately 3 hours for each lighting.

At each lighting, burn your soy candle until the melt pool reaches edges of glass or tin. This is usually around 3 hrs. Before re-lighting, you may need to pinch off the top of the wood wick with your fingers to remove the burned wood. If you do not burn your soy candle until it gets a full melt pool, you will not achieve a good fragrance throw, meaning the candle(s) will not smell as good.

Our glass and tin containers clean easily with soap and warm water and can be re-used. Simply scrape out the cooled wax and dispose of in garbage container.(NOT IN SINK - wax will clog your sink).

Before and after burning your soy candle you may notice an unevenness on the inside of the glass. This is normal and is caused by the wax expanding and contracting with the changing temperatures around them.

Other common occurrences are a white frosting on the top. Sometimes you may even see bubbles around the edges of your melt pool, none of which will affect the performance or safety of your wonderful soy candle. This is simply one of the natural occurrences of natural waxes. Remember that you are helping support America's Farmers and helping keep a cleaner environment by burning soy candles!

Never leave a burning candle unattended! Extinguish candle before going to sleep!

At JTCC, we welcome customer feedback. If you have questions or comments about our soy candles or wax melts please contact us