Private Label Candles

    How to get started with your own private label brand

    Along with our signature James Thomas Candle Co and Texas Wick Candle brands, we offer private/white labeling on our all natural eco-friendly soy candles. To get started follow the steps below. 

    • Fill out the Wholesale Application Form once approved you will be granted online wholesale access to shop our full lines of soy candles and wax melts 
    • Artwork for your new brand, if you have your own logo & label designs then please email us the appropriate files. If you require us to create one for you then please call us at 512-577-7829 to discuss further.

    Sell luxury soy candles under your own label

    Using our logo or yours, your customers will love our 100% all natural eco-friendly luxury defined soy candles with crackling wood-wicks or cotton wicks. Customizing your labels will enhance your uniqueness in the marketplace.

    A brand is a powerful tool in your hands, a visual image that encapsulates a perceived value associated with your company, product or service by customers and potential customers. As competition intensifies, small business owners are realizing the power of branding through private label as part of an ingenious business strategy. Owning your private label brand is not only an alluring marketing and sales tool, it makes good small business sense. Wholesalers of private label products offer re-sellers and diverse others the opportunity to build recognition for their own company and product, as well as develop customer loyalty. With a lead on identity and a secure on loyalty, new and repeat sales are sure to follow, given that your product meets consumer expectations. The bottom line is: You will drive your revenues and increase profits through the use of private labels.

    Once thought of as a value-added, low cost substitute for higher priced name brands, private label brands were referred to as store or generic brands; remember the no name brand! Interestingly, the private label perception is blossoming in today's marketplace as the upscale alternative to national brands. As burnt cream evolved into French crème brûlée, consumers now consider private label brands as an affordable extravagance. Associated with distinctive, premium quality products and services, private labels are now positioning as your own proprietary brand or personalized brand, and rightly so.

    Private label brands are packed with benefits

    Adding private labels will pack numerous marketing and sales benefits into your product. The basics of any good marketing plan are simple: Increase your customer base, increase the frequency of repeat sales and increase the average expenditure, the question is, How? Designed to display and impress your image and developed around your target market, propriety label may be the answer.

    Your own brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and builds brand loyalty. Differentiating your product as a unique brand also enables you to compete on non-price factors such as quality. A smart move for small business because typically, they cannot achieve sales volume levels to be a low price favorite. Stocking name brand products does little to entice consumers into your brick and mortar or online store. National brands are widely distributed and can be purchased almost anywhere. A private label will bring customers to your place of business, as your brand is exclusive. An additional benefit is that of product awareness. Every time a customer opens your private label product sitting on the counter top the customer is reminded where the product was purchased.

    Small businesses do not have abundant resources to spend on large marketing and advertising campaigns like their national competitors. Your proprietary label, imprinted on an appealing package, is an excellent advertising item and channel. You gain exposure and get the word out about your business and product, requiring little effort outside your input in the label and package design. Using a private label is a cost effective method to market your small business.

    Of course, customers will not rush back to your store and beat down the door for a label. Establishing the brand with a high quality product is essential for repeat sales. Generate trust in your brand by selecting a respected wholesaler who knows the product and the business well. To promote consumer purchasing the re-seller must also perfect the private label to meet the desires and expectations of the target market.

    Small business branding through private labeling conclusively builds company and product recognition. Positioning your unique product through private label, aimed at your target market, results in an effective, low cost-effort marketing strategy. It is the solution to getting customers into your store and back again and again? If your company is competing in the candle industry, or any other industry, by using other brands, consider the benefits of your own proprietary brand. No matter how you label it, small business branding through a private label wholesaler is powerful marketing!

    The benefits of branding a private label are substantial. Margins are generally 6-10% higher than national brands. In some categories, like nuts, average private label pricing is higher than national brands. And some have been successful at offering premium private label brands, with pricing higher than national brands. Supermarket chain Albertson's has rolled out Essensia, a premium label brand consisting of cookies, crackers, frozen foods and frozen desserts, "only available at your local store." Private label brands are also a competitive differentiator that decreases me-too dependence on national brands. And while national brands focus on boosting a category, private label brands support loyalty to a store, increasing customer profitability.